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  • |description=Acquire All Non-DLC Unit Cards}} |name=Not Playing with a Full Deck of Cards
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  • players can use in 100% Orange Juice. This page lists all the available cards included in the game. ...acks, which can be bought in the [[Shop]] using the Stars currency. Bought cards can then be viewed in the Binder, and be used when building a deck before a
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  • |rarity=Rare}} ...a sensō'') is an Event Card in [[100% Orange Juice]]. It is part of the [[Cards#Base Pack|Base Pack]] card set.
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  • ...o Dōka-sen}} is an [[:Category:Event Cards|Event-type]] [[:Category:Hyper Cards|Hyper Card]] in [[100% Orange Juice]]. It is owned by [[Star Breaker]]. ...shi no Bakudan}} is a [[:Category:Trap Cards|Trap-type]] [[:Category:Hyper Cards|Hyper Card]]. It is the card that Star Blasting Fuse sets.
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  • * Fixed a rare crash from the Xmas bag of presents. * Fixed {{Card Link|Santa's Job}} not preserving flipped status on cards hit by {{Card Link|Melting Memories}}.
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  • ...the achievement. Simply taking over the character in multiplayer, or using cards from the DLC card packs, will not give you the achievement. ...ones that require a level before you can buy them). DLC characters and DLC cards don't count for this achievement.}}
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