Little War

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Little War
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Type Event
Level 4
Cost 50
Limit 1
Rarity Rare
"I believe... I have the power to stop this..." ―Suguri

Little War (小さな戦争 Chīsana sensō) is an Event Card in 100% Orange Juice. It is part of the Base Pack card set.


Effect Duration: 3 chapters

Offense and defense will happen twice in all battles.


  • Battle-focused characters can use this to trap their opponent in battle and get an extra opportunity to KO them.
  • NoName can use his Hyper Card, Overseer to force opponents to face the Boss twice while this card is active.
  • Sherry's Hyper, Whimsical Windmill works well with this card, allowing her to face each player in battle twice.


  • This card features Suguri in its artwork.