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HP 4
Attack +1
Defense -1
Evasion +2
Recovery 5
Hyper Accelerator
Origin Suguri
"Suguri" redirects here. For the game of the same name, see Suguri (game).

Suguri (スグリ Suguri) is one of the Main Characters in 100% Orange Juice.

She is voiced by Yoshida Seiko.

General Information

For more tips, strategies, and counters, see Suguri/Guide.

Suguri can be considered as a battle character due to her high Attack, low Defense and very high Evasion. She can play a bit aggressively on passive characters while dodging most of their attacks.

If Suguri wasn't chosen as the starting character during save creation, she can be unlocked by finishing the initial character's Scenario and then purchasing her in the Shop. She can be also unlocked immediately if DLC10 is owned.

Design and Cosmetics

Suguri has long silver hair and red eyes. She wears a blue tracksuit with a large zipper on it, a black tank top underneath the tracksuit, a black pleated skirt, black thigh-highs, and blue shoes. She uses a red sword in her attack poses.

In her Winter costume, her hair is tied up. She wears a gray winter coat, pink gloves, and pink boots.

Some of Suguri's cosmetics appear differently if her Winter costume is used.


  • Pose #1:
  • Pose #2:
  • Pose #3:
  • Pose #4:
  • Pose #5:
  • Pose #6:

Hair Colors

The 1st hair color is unlocked by playing 10 games as Suguri in Multiplayer games. The 2nd to 4th hair colors are unlocked as a random drop from playing Multiplayer games. The 5th to 8th hair colors can be obtained by opening a Challenge crate, or by buying them directly in the Shop using Oranges.

  • Hair Color #1: Blue hair color.
  • Hair Color #2: Orange hair color.
  • Hair Color #3: Purple hair color
  • Hair Color #4: Green hair color (which appears bright if the Winter costume is used).
  • Hair Color #5: Dark yellow hair color, which appears brighter on top.
  • Hair Color #6: Purple hair color, similar to her 3rd hair color (which appears as a purple-green gradient color if the Winter costume is used).
  • Hair Color #7: Brown hair color.
  • Hair Color #8: Teal hair color that gets darker on the bottom (which gets brighter instead if the Winter costume is used).


Her Halloween accessory is a black fedora hat and a red bandana which she wears over her mouth.

Other Appearances

Suguri is the namesake and the protagonist of the game Suguri.

She also appears in Acceleration of Suguri and its sequel, Acceleration of Suguri 2 as a playable character.

She also appears in 200% Mixed Juice!.



These quotes can only be seen and heard if DLC12 is owned.


Update History

  • 1.19.2: Fixed a graphic error in Suguri's 7th hair color.
  • 1.19.1: Fixed Suguri not using her special voice lines for attacking Hime or Sora.
  • 1.19: Voice added.
  • 1.17.5 (Hotfix): Fixed Suguri's Winter outfit missing the attack effect from attack pose when using certain costumes.
  • 1.17.3: Fixed Suguri's Winter outfit attack frame clipping her attack effect.
  • 1.17: Winter costume added.
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