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Type Boost
Level 1
Cost 3
Limit 3
Rarity Common
"Faster!" ―Suguri

Dash! (ダッシュ! Dasshu!) is a Boost Card in 100% Orange Juice. It is a Common Card found in the Base Pack card set.


Dash! causes the user to roll double their normal amount of dice for movement for one turn.


  • With its low level requirement and low cost, Dash! is a universally good card for everyone. It allows players to travel quickly across panels, chase another player, or escape from a threatening player.
  • Using Dash! while under the effects of Sprint rolls 4 dice instead of 2.
  • This card benefits Suguri or Sora, since they can use this card in order to reach another player before using their Hyper cards.


  • This card features Suguri in its artwork.