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HP 5
Attack 0
Defense 0
Evasion 0
Recovery 5
Hyper Hyper Mode
Origin QP Shooting

QP (きゅーぴー Kyūpī) is one of the Main Characters in 100% Orange Juice.

General Information

For more tips, strategies, and counters, see QP/Guide.

QP is a balanced character due to her neutral stats. She has a versatile playstyle, although it's preferred that she goes for Stars norma.

If QP wasn't chosen as the starting character during save creation, she can be unlocked by finishing the initial character's Scenario and then purchasing her in the Shop.

Design and Cosmetics

QP has short orange hair, orange eyes, and brown dog ears and tail. She wears a pink hooded jacket, a blue skirt, gray thigh-highs and pink shoes.


  • Pose #1:
  • Pose #2:
  • Pose #3:
  • Pose #4:
  • Pose #5:
  • Pose #6:

Hair Colors

The 1st hair color is unlocked by playing 10 games as QP in Multiplayer games. The 2nd to 4th hair colors are unlocked as a random drop from playing Multiplayer games. The 5th to 8th hair colors can be obtained by opening a Challenge crate, or by buying them directly in the Shop using Oranges.

  • Hair Color #1: White hair color.
  • Hair Color #2: Green hair color.
  • Hair Color #3: Yellow hair color.
  • Hair Color #4: Dark red hair color.
  • Hair Color #5: Light blue hair color.
  • Hair Color #6: Black-red gradient hair color.
  • Hair Color #7: Caramel hair color that appears brighter on top.
  • Hair Color #8: Violet hair color that appears brighter on top.


Her Halloween accessory is a blue magician hat and cape, and she carries a brown wand.

Other Appearances

QP is the titular character and the protagonist of the game QP Shooting and its sequel, QP Shooting - Dangerous!!.

She also appears in Acceleration of Suguri and 200% Mixed Juice!.



These quotes can only be seen and heard if DLC12 is owned.

  • "What, Yu-Yuki..." (used when attacking Yuki)
  • "Syura, aren't you cutting it close with your deadline?" (used when attacking Syura)
  • "I feel like there's something we must fight over..." (used when attacking Saki)
  • "I'll protect Pudding!" (used when attacking Sweet Breaker)
  • "Sa-Santa?! Are you the real one?" (used when attacking Aru or Aru (Scramble))
  • "I'm a girl, you know!" (used when attacking Kyousuke)


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