Banned for Life

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Banned for Life
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Type Hyper (Gift)
Level 1
Cost Varies
Owner Store Manager
"Manager, it's your turn!!" ―Chris
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Banned for Life (永久追放 Towa Tsuihō) is a Gift-type Hyper Card in 100% Orange Juice. It is owned by Store Manager.

Additional Information

Banned for Life's cost is calculated by the user's current stars, divided by 10.

Banned for Life prevents the holder from using any other cards aside from Gift-type Cards. When Banned for Life is used, the card gets sent to another player. If Banned for Life is discarded, it will discard the holder's entire cards from their hand.

Banned for Life serves as a disruption tool for other players, which forces them to either pass it, which will cost them stars and take up a turn for their card usage, or discard it, which will discard their entire hand. Discarding Banned for Life is also an option for players who don't have good cards from their hands, and it is one of the ways for Store Manager to completely discard his entire hand.

As with most Gift-type cards that has a visual indicator, any player that holds Banned for Life will have a paper with the word "BAN" (
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) orbiting around them.


Update History

  • 1.16.4 (Hotfix): Fixed a typo in Banned for Life description.
  • 1.16: Banned for Life: now costs 10% of stars to use (down from 20%). Discards entire hand when discarded.
  • 1.15: Introduced.
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