Flip Out

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Flip Out
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Type Boost
Level 1
Cost 0
Limit 3
Rarity Common
"......!" ―Mei

Flip Out (八つ当たり Yattsu atari) is a Boost Card in 100% Orange Juice. It is a Common Card found in the Base Pack card set.


After using Flip Out, the player(s) with the most stars will lose the same amount of stars as the user the next time they land on a Drop panel. It will not affect the user if they have the most stars.


  • Flip Out is a good card, since it has no star cost.
  • Flip Out works nicely with a x2 Drop panel. However, the drawback is that the player will also lose a huge amount of stars.
  • Flip Out is a good card for Star Breaker, who really doesn't care about losing her own stars.


  • This card features Mei in its artwork.