Subspace Tunnel

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Subspace Tunnel
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Type Hyper (Event)
Level 1
Cost Varies
Owner Marie Poppo (Mixed)
"Po! Po! Po! Popoppo!!" ―Marie Poppo
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Subspace Tunnel (あくーかんとんねる Akūkan Tonneru) is an Event-type Hyper Card in 100% Orange Juice. It is owned by Marie Poppo (Mixed).

Additional Information

Subspace Tunnel's cost and duration scales depending on the user's level, multiplied by 5.

The following table shows the card's cost and duration across all levels:

Level ★ Cost Duration
1 5 1 chapter
2 10 2 chapters
3 15 3 chapters
4 20 4 chapters
5 25 5 chapters

Subspace Tunnel turns 4-6 random panels into Warp Move Panels. The user then warps into one of those panels. The Hyper does not turn Home Panels into Warp Move Panels.

The following table shows how many Warp Move Panels Subspace Tunnel can normally turn on a field:

Field No. of Warp Move Panels
Practice Field 4
Space Wanderer 5
Pudding Chase 4
Christmas Miracle 6
Planet Earth 5
Lagoon Flight 5
Warfare 5
Highway Heist 6
Sealed Archive 6
Sunset 6
Tomomo's Abyss 6
White Winter 6
Night Flight 4
Clover 4
Farm 5
Star Circuit 5
Training Program 5
Vortex 4
Sweet Heaven 6
Starship 6
Frost Cave 6
Shipyard 5
Treasure Island 6
Treasure Island (Night) 5
Witch Forest 5
Icy Hideout 4

Subspace Tunnel allows the user to escape and relocate to a different location. The Hyper converting the panels into Warp Move Panels can either be beneficial or a hindrance depending on the situation. While the Hyper doesn't have an impressive effect by itself, it directly synergizes with Marie Poppo (Mixed)'s passive, in which she gains stars or cards depending on her current level. Due to Subspace Tunnel being most potent at use on level 5, the most ideal way for Marie Poppo (Mixed) to use her Hyper is if she is at level 5, and consecutively if she has multiple for it will maximize the benefit of her passive reward on warping.

It is possible for the Warp Move Panels to overlap each other from consecutive uses of Subspace Tunnel, which might weaken its effect for a little bit.



  • If the player owns DLC14, Marie Poppo (Mixed) says "Pokyupokyupopooh." whenever she uses Subspace Tunnel.

Update History

  • 1.10: Subspace Tunnel now creates 4-6 Warp Move panels, depending on map size (up from 4).
  • 1.9.9: Introduced.
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