Cloud of Seagulls

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Cloud of Seagulls
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Type Event
Level 1
Cost 0
Limit 3
Rarity Common
"Squaawk!" ―Seagull

Cloud of Seagulls (カモメの大群 Kamome no taigun) is an Event Card in 100% Orange Juice. It is part of the Expansion Pack card set.


A randomly chosen unit will receive 2 damage.


  • This card can be used to possibly KO the user if they are in danger of being KO'd by another player.
  • Syura can benefit even if it hits her if she has Beyond Hell or has 3HP before being hit.
  • Marc can use this card to weaken another player before using x16 Big Rocket.


  • This card features Marc and the Seagull in its artwork.